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Digital Marketing

Relevant Network is a performance marketing company, specializing in affiliate marketing services. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaScope Holdings Inc.

Relevant Network

Relevant Network is a pioneering regional company in the fields of Affiliate Marketing Programs and Programmatic &Premium Display Advertising. Building on many years of experience in online advertising as the digital division in MediaScope, the company was founded in 2013 under the name of "Levant Network" (as part of MediaScope Holdings).

Initially, the company was focused on offering display advertising services in the Levant and wider MENA region,establishing a successful track record of working with leading advertising agencies and top clients.

Following its introduction of digital performance services, and successfully serving clients across the MENA region effectively delivering leads, sales, downloads and other actions, the company re-branded as "Relevant Network" in 2016.

Relevant Network is founded by Zeid Nasser and is part of MediaScope Holdings Inc. 

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Affiliate Marketing Services:

Affiliate Marketing Services enable Advertisers & Merchants to pay per completed and validated action, regardless of the number of clicks and impressions required to achieve the required action.

Relevant Network Affiliate Marketing Programs focus on the completion of specific actions such as a lead, sale, registration, download, complete view …etc.

We work with specialized Affiliate Marketers who deliver these actions.

The requirements of Advertisers & Merchants are reviewed by our team, to determine the viability of launching an Affiliate Program.

Relevant Network has successfully served many clients by utilizing advanced Affiliate Marketing Platforms, with full tracking and constant communication for Advertisers & Merchants and for Affiliates Marketers.

Clients served in the following industries:  

  Relevant Network affiliate marketing clients served

Display Advertising Services:


Relevant Network provides advertisers and agencies with a unique offering of:

Premium Advertising opportunities on industry leading portals in the Middle East organized within Channels (such as Business & News, Entertainment, Sport, Women, Youth channels and more).
Various pricing models with all display banner advertising technologies based on Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards: Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Video View (CPV) across all inventories utilizing technologies that offer full reporting and cater to all creative types and special executions.
Formats include Standard Banners, Engagement tools (Rich Media) and Video on both desktop and mobile.


Reaching segmented audiences through utilization of programmatic platforms that are based on advanced targeting and re-targeting technologies which incorporate user data.

Relevant Network has experts in campaign setup and optimization on industry leading advertising exchanges and platforms.

 Agencies Served: 

Agencies Served: 


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